5 Steps to Drive What Matters Most

“If you want to achieve better results, you’ve got to change the actions that lead to results. And if you want to change your actions, you need to get at the decisions that drive those actions.”  Alan Fine

At InsideOut Development, we’ve worked with hundreds of organizations that desire to ensure a lasting, positive impact from their investments in people and performance. In our review of the most successful, we’ve discovered that a simple, scalable five-step process is at the heart of their success.

  1. Clarify Wins—Understand key objectives and gain clarity on the specific targets that support those objectives.
  2. Engage Leaders—Build alignment with key leaders and foster support and engagement for their role in the initiative.
  3. Set Up for Success—Develop a clear set of actions, and prepare to introduce and implement the initiative in a way that fits their situation and culture.
  4. Deploy Actionable Learning and Tools—Ensure pre, during, and post deployment of performance solutions and tools.
  5. Make It Stick—Reinforce, measure, and track to ensure a lasting, positive impact.

Our clients use this five-step process, called the Results Framework in several ways. Primarily, it is a decision and action guide that can frame any learning and performance initiative as a results initiative. Our clients apply it when introducing one of our performance solutions, like InsideOut Coaching. However, the Results Framework has even wider application. It’s tremendously effective as a tool for managing organizational change and for establishing your credibility as a strategic partner. 

Each of the five steps in the Results Framework is critical. However, because the world isn’t perfect you can start where you are. Let’s review each step in the Results Framework—with some recommendations and examples from InsideOut clients—to illustrate what’s possible.

Clarify Wins

The purpose of the first step, Clarify Wins, is to ensure you focus on what is most important for your organization, your people, and key stakeholders. This step has three parts: Business Wins, Quick Wins, and Personal Wins.

Engage Leaders

Engaging leaders in your initiative requires a focus on three critical areas: Get Sponsorship, Get Alignment, and Get them Modeling. 

Set Up for Success

Ensuring your initiative is relevant to your organization’s needs and goals requires you to answer these three questions:

  • What are the connections you can make to how work is done today and what needs to change?
  • What obstacles could impede success?
  • How will you countermeasure to ensure that your efforts have the impact you desire?

The best learning is a continuous process not an event. In preparation, it’s important to consider what is required of the organization, of your leaders, of managers/supervisors and of individuals to plan systematically before, during, and after any learning and tool deployment.

Deploy Actionable Learning and Tools

The best learning has a clear, relatable application and addresses mindset, skillset, and toolset in a way that people can make a direct connection with their daily work. The targeted behavior change and tools need to be seen as the way work is done rather than extra work to do.  As you deploy actionable learning and tools, your goal is to make it engaging, make it doable, and make it impactful. 

Make It Stick

There are three key actions to ensure your development initiative has staying power: Leader Check Ins, Simple Tracking, and Timely Recognition/Reward.

Leader Check-In

A Leader Check-In is a conversation that drives alignment, focus, self-reflection, and self-correction. It’s really just a synonym for leading productive dialogue targeted toward results.

One key insight users of InsideOut Coaching gain from this discussion is 1) the idea that the InsideOut mindset (of valuing people, their potential, and high performance) is important to bring to any conversation, and 2) coaching is something that we can apply up, down, and across the organization.

Here’s a simple format for the leader check that we use with clients who are introducing InsideOut Coaching. You can tailor this to your development needs or your specific change initiative:

  1. How frequently are you coaching?
  2. Are you coaching to your business priorities? 
  3. Are you making progress on your business priorities?
  4. What are your insights regarding your coaching?

Simple Tracking

Tracking achievement of wins (quantitative and qualitative) keeps people posted on the progress you’re making. Tracking should be simple and focused not only on participation, but also on the achievement of the results that are most important to the organization.

Timely Recognition/Reward

Reinforce your new initiative by making recognition and reward an ongoing part of the process. Share examples and success stories in daily huddles and team meetings or have the coachee become a coach to a new graduate. Whatever your chosen method of recognition, it should be timely, specific, and frequent.

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