S&P 500 Computer Software Developer and InsideOut Development: A Case Study

S&P 500 Computer Software Company increased the number and quality of meaningful manager employee conversations with InsideOut Development.

In this case study, a learning leader at an S&P 500 Software Manufacturer explains how they implemented InsideOut Coaching to improve performance management and foster employee growth and development.

“I am extremely pleased with the InsideOut approach to GROW.”

“InsideOut Development’s coaching model and tools help my team achieve their specific goals and objectives.”

“InsideOut Coaching and the GROW Model help my team navigate difficult decisions and adapt to changing environments.”

“We have 100% of our leaders trained in GROW. All leaders in the US are InsideOut trained. That promotes the same messaging across the organization.”

Coloplast Case Study
Coloplast Case Study

Read how Coloplast, Inc. increased employee engagement and retention by more than 75% with InsideOut Coaching.

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