InsideOut Coaching

InsideOut Coaching is the practice of helping others make decisions, commit to actions, and produce results.

When discussing workplace coaching the International Coaching Federation said “Coaching is partnering with the ‘coachee’ in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

Did you know? Coaching is the number one key behavior of good managers; organizations that are highly effective at coaching are 30 percent more likely to have strong business results.

When it comes to InsideOut Coaching, 96 percent of participants are more focused in their communication and 88 percent can better align the goals of their direct reports to company objectives.

InsideOut Coaching has a twist on normal workplace coaching. Whereas most coaching programs use the ‘tell’ approach, where the question is what the coach can give the coachee, InsideOut uses the ‘ask’ approach, where the coach asks themselves what they can help the coachee bring out. Together, the InsideOut approach and workplace coaching form what is called InsideOut Coaching.

So, what happens when you combine a best-in-class manager-as-coach training program with a proven approach? You get conversations around key priorities, fast and accurate decisions, and ownership over the outcomes.

How does it work? The InsideOut Coaching program goes beyond a one-day event, with a pre-workshop evaluation, interactive classroom training, and with post-workshop application and sustainability. InsideOut Coaching also offers easy-to-use tools to support coaching on the job: coaching snapshot, a 360-degree, behavior-based coaching assessment; conversation compass, a quick reference guide for coaching conversations; and the GROW model, a coaching tool and decision-making framework.

But wait, there’s more! InsideOut Coaching is also simple enough to use immediately, flexible enough to fit any goal, has a global coaching solution of the Fortune 500, is ICF, HRCI, and SHRM certified, and it is the most effective way to improve performance and drive results.

Considering a coaching culture? These clients are already experiencing the benefits of InsideOut Coaching, GAP, Good Year, Grainger, Walgreens, and NASA.

If you could do one thing to improve productivity, communication, engagement, accountability, retention, decision making, and profitability, why not make it InsideOut Coaching?

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