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1 Accountability or Ownership: Moving People from Compliance to Commitment | Accountability is one of the most desired things in any organization and can be one of the hardest things to create. Leaders constantly wrestle with how to increase accountability in the belief that it will help people be innovative, passionate, and release their discretionary effort to go the extra mile. While accountability is very important because it certainly creates compliance, the stuff of high performance—commitment—comes from a different source. Ownership! Accountability and ownership are similar, yet different, and confusing the two can be the difference between compliance and commitment. Outside-In or InsideOut Think about this common workplace scenario: delivering a monthly report. Typically, reports are due by a deadline. Accountability ensures the report is accurate and consistently delivered on time, every time. The employee who is being accountable will say, "Here is what you've asked for." Ownership ensures the report is accurate, delivered on time, and might also include suggestions for improvements that are directly connected to the end results the report is intended to address. The employee who has ownership will say: "Here is what you asked for. I also thought about the real purpose of the report and here's what I found: the data we're using would be more accurate if it was pulled from multiple sources. The data would also be easier to interpret with a different template. I recommend we include this other data source and this color coding for the template." Accountability or Ownership: M O V I N G P E O P L E F R O M C O M P L I A N C E t o C O M M I T M E N T Accountability or Ownership Low Ownership Low accountability High Ownership High accountability Turns in accurate reports on time, every time Turns in reports late and inaccurately • Turns in accurate reports on time, every time • Develops better solutions for how the reports should be completed • Goes beyond the minimum requirement and produces something that is of greater benefit to the company • Solves a different problem • Turns in reports late and inaccurately by Alan Fine | InsideOut Development Founder and President

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