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1 Fostering Meaningful Dialogue | When InsideOut Development Founder and President, Alan Fine, works with senior leaders, he asks, "What would happen to your organization if nobody engaged in dialogue for a week?" The answer is obvious: not much! In fact, dialogue is so important to the growth and productivity of an organization that it is one of the four areas essential for successful change, which include: • Cultivate mindset • Foster meaningful dialogue • Harness manager/employee relationships as change hubs • Provide a user-friendly "change platform" approach In any organization, change is created and planned because dialogue occurs. I have learned about the importance of this while working with many Global 1000 clients. The most successful organizations equip their teams to engage in purposeful dialogue and foster both adaptation and relationships to deal with everyday change. Dialogue creates and facilitates new work, new ideas, and the adherence and follow up needed to execute these initiatives. It acts as the "oil" in the organizational engine and enables kinetic energy— allowing for movement of all the parts of the organization while protecting against excessive heat and wear. Dialogue and Change The way we build greater competence for change is to equip all levels of the organization to initiate, pilot, and propel it. Dialogue is critical to achieving change. Here is an example of a key change that arose from dialogue: About a decade ago, the CEO of a large technology company and the CEO of its automotive client began to meet regularly to explore new ways to work together—in other words they planned regular, meaningful dialogue with the intent to explore opportunities through the innovative use of technology. One conversation resulted in the idea for brand new technology. The innovation produced a value greater than either CEO expected: vehicles with the embedded technology sold twice as fast as those without it. The technology company Fostering Meaningful Dialogue by Nancy Q. Smith, InsideOut Development Vice President of Professional Services

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