Four Popular Coaching Myths Debunked

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1 4 Popular Coaching Myths Debunked | M Y T H # 1 Coaches must be subject matter experts Most of our role models for coaching have always been experts giving advice. So it is easy to understand how people come to believe this is the way to help people in general—and in particular—to coach them. So if this is true, how do the best "players" (athletic, musical, and corporate) in their field get better? After all, there is no one better at what they do—no one more expert than they are. Yet these top players almost all have coaches, sometimes several of them. The truth about coaching is that you do not have to be more expert than your performers in order to be able to help them. The majority of performance issues are less about the performers not knowing what to do and much more about them doing what they know, but much more consistently. Most times, the performers already have the knowledge they need (and therefore don't need advice repeated over and over by the coach) but aren't aware there is a gap in how they express that knowledge, a gap between what they think they do and what they actually do. When the coach helps performers become aware of that gap, they are then able to take responsibility for doing things differently in order to close the gap. The key difference is the coach helps performers increase their focus—arguably the most important component of peak performance. M Y T H # 2 Coaching takes too long This myth is based on the illusion that if we tell people what to do, this will be the quickest way to fix the problem. However, there are two assumptions we make when we tell people what to do. One is that our advice to them is correct, the other is that they will execute our advice the way we want them to. These combine together to give us four possibilities. by Alan Fine | InsideOut Development Founder and President Debunked P O P U L A R C O A C H I N G M Y T H S 4

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