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1 GROW: The Ultimate Map for Decision Making | As you try to make improvements in your life, you may be looking at doing more, doing less, or doing things differently [in fact, you should be looking at that or nothing will change!] Perhaps you want to boost your organization's profitability, develop your managerial skills, build a sales force, increase your fitness, or become a better parent. Each of these improvements requires you to take more action, less action or a different action. And to get to different actions, we have to start with a different decision. The faster and more accurately we get to action, the faster and more accurately we can get to results. Decision making can be messy and complicated and a map of how to make the decision can be extremely useful in navigating the decision making process. Imagine being on a road trip from Seattle to Atlanta without a map of some kind. You'll likely drive all over the country and waste a significant amount of time getting lost repeatedly. If you have a map, however, you'll get lost less often because you know the specific roads that will take you to your destination faster. Owning our role in the decision-making process and using a systematic process to navigate it, the faster and more accurately we can get to that decision. GROW Brings Focus to Decision Making To me, the simplest and most user-friendly map to help navigate the decision- making process is the GROW® Model. GROW is a map of the four stages we all go through when making any decision. GROW brings to our decision making the most critical part of all human performance—focus. Focus drives everything we do. All of us go through the steps of GROW (unconsciously or consciously). The only choice we have is how we navigate through these stages. Choosing to use the map in a disciplined and systematic way creates focus more quickly which impacts the decision making, that leads to the action, that delivers results. by Alan Fine | InsideOut Development Founder and President GROW: T H E U LT I M AT E M A P for Decision Making GOAL: What do I want REALITY: What's been happening OPTIONS: What might I do WAY FORWARD: What will I do

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