Leadership Challenge: Prepare, Plan, Practice.

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1 Leadership Challenge? Prepare, Plan, and Practice. | Prepare, Plan, and Practice. LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE? by Kim Capps | InsideOut Development CEO Most leadership problems are like that. When we prepare for them, and get familiar with them, they're not problems anymore. They're merely things we need to go to work on. Often, the "snow storms" that leaders face deal with people and managing expectations and addressing fears. These people issues can be demanding and draining on even the most successful leaders. Just like dealing with Utah winters, preparation, planning, and practice are three important skills that enable people leaders to effectively address their challenges. Although these terms often get used interchangeably, each skill is slightly different in its application to leadership. It All Starts with Preparation Utah road crews work throughout the summer and fall to prepare for the winter snowfall. They purchase and repair trucks, snow plows, and other equipment, and stockpile supplies of salt and gravel. Likewise, preparing yourself as a leader means first establishing a personal foundation that will serve you well when the snow flies. This includes understanding who you are, doing your homework on relevant issues, and getting clear on your purpose and intent. Just like building muscle tone and stamina are important to an athlete's preparation, developing competence, perspective, empathy, and judgment are important to a leader. I live in Utah where there is a lot of snow. However, no one really seems to get thrown off by it. In comparison, for a few years I lived just outside of Washington D.C., where an inch of snow would shut down businesses and schools for days and spark frantic runs on the store for toilet paper and milk. The difference is that in Utah we have the equipment to remove the snow and the outlook that snow is something we expect to deal with or even look forward to (skiers especially!).

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