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1 New Manager 101: It's All About Coaching | Victor Lam is a Systems Engineering Manager for a Fortune 100 technology company headquartered in San Jose, California. As a new leader, he was tasked with effectively managing a large number of highly skilled, remote engineers. We asked Victor to share how he leveraged one-on-one coaching conversations to empower his team and propel them to improved performance. Making the Transition "Becoming a leader at my company is not easy; I had to prove I was capable of doing the job before getting promoted. However, that didn't mean I knew how to be a manager right off the bat. After accepting my new role, I was actively looking for material on how to be the best manager I could be. I did a lot of research and finally settled on a few good practices: coaching with an InsideOut approach and holding regular one-on-ones with my team members." Coaching with an "Ask" Approach "One advantage of being a new leader is that I didn't have any bad habits I needed to overcome and I was open to exploring different ideas. What the InsideOut approach taught me was that constantly trying to instill knowledge on my team wasn't always the solution. An effective coach does more discovery, understands the situation, and asks more questions. That was an interesting approach and not one I was comfortable with at first. But, in my own personal experience, I've had my head pumped full of knowledge and didn't feel it led to my best performance, so I am not sure why it would be different for my team." It's All About Coaching N E W M A N A G E R 1 0 1 :

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