The Super Secret Weapon of High-Growth Companies

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1 The Super Secret Weapon of High-Growth Companies | What if you possessed a top-secret weapon for impacting growth in your company, a missing link for driving sales, revenue, and profitability? Actually, you do. Research points to employee engagement as the unsung hero of increased shareholder returns and a leading indicator of ongoing financial health. Although this secret weapon has been talked about for decades, it is not being properly embraced to reach its ultimate potential. If it were, every company would be riding a wave of high growth. Even with the current perceived emphasis on engagement, a recent Aon Hewitt study shows that only 23 percent of employees across the globe (27 percent in North America) are "highly engaged." Similarly, an October 2015 Gallup Daily Tracking survey showed that just 32 percent of U.S. employees were engaged in their work, a number that has increased only one percentage point since 2011. This begs the question, if engagement is so important in today's business environment, why has so little progress been made towards improving it? Higher Engagement = Higher Financial Returns One reason for the low engagement epidemic is that organizations view it as a talent strategy, not a financial strategy. This couldn't be further from the truth. In a 2015 study on global employee engagement trends, Aon Hewitt found a significant relationship between higher levels of employee engagement and an organization's financial results. In the study, those companies rated as the "Best Employers" based on employee engagement were linked to "exponentially higher" total shareholder return when compared to the entire group of top-quartile engagement organizations, delivering a whopping 57 percent higher return. by Jacques Bazinet | Vice President, Corporate and Product Development of High-Growth Companies THE SUPER SECRET WEAPON Employee engagement is not just a "nice- to-have," or a talent development initiative, but a key component of a company's financial success.

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