Top 5 Reasons Leaders Need a Coach

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Top 5 Reasons Leaders Need an Executive Coach In a New Yorker magazine article titled, Personal Best, Surgeon Atul Gawande said, "No matter how well trained people are, few can sustain their best performance on their own." The best sports coaches are those who are able to take the collective abilities of a team and push the team to perform at higher levels. Coaches are facilitators of performance! So why do leaders need an executive coach? There are five good reasons. Executive coaches: 1 Bring structure and process In a world where we jump from problem to solution, where meetings and challenging conversations have no beginning or end, coaches apply process and proven road maps to get us from point A to B. 2 Help see through the fog Coaches are "defoggers"; the clutter in our lives confuses us and slows us down as the pile grows bigger. Coaches help us cut through it. 3 Create clarity Clarity is power! Once the fog has cleared, leaders can move forward and see exactly where to go. Hesitancy and indecisiveness are created by confusion and inability to see the road ahead. 4 Corral emotions Emotions can get in the way of great decision making! Neuroscience shows that we feel before we think. The part of our brain that processes decision making, memory, and emotional reactions is called the amygdala. When it believes we're in danger, the amygdala literally slams a door shut between the thinking part of the brain and doing part of the brain; it can literally send us into a "fight-flight-or-freeze" state. This can save our lives. However, when it comes to decision making, being in a high emotional state: angry, overwhelmed, excited, or stressed out doesn't contribute to thinking clearly. Coaches help clients open the "thinking-brain-highway" and overcome the "fight-flight-or-freeze" state. 5 Get results! Coaches are all about moving clients to taking committed, strategic action. A coach gets you to do something! Arnold Schwarzenegger said, "You don't get bigger muscles by watching me lift weights." Coaches move people forward. by Bob Parsons, InsideOut Development Executive Coach Practice Leader Top 5 Reasons Leaders Need an Executive Coach

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