3 Practical Solutions for Driving Organizational Results

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1 3 Practical Solutions for Driving Organizational Results | Trainers and facilitators would like to play a pivotal role in driving the results of their organizations. However, many struggle to see how they can be more relevant. Because our colleagues see the trainer/facilitator role as training people in competencies, we have come to accept that this is really all we are supposed to do. Therefore, we miss the opportunity to play a more significant role in driving the execution of organizational priorities that deliver results. Here's the Situation Trainers deliver programs on a huge variety of topics including accountability, leadership, results, and selling. Yet sometimes we fail to act on the very things we teach others. We are blind to the hard-to-see gap between what we think we do and what we actually do. Many years of classroom work have taught me that we can end up in collusion with our audience. Trainers, consultants, and facilitators, like many others, often fall prey to the great charade that knowing (and especially teaching) is doing. In reality, only doing is doing. by Alan Fine | InsideOut Development Founder and President PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS FOR DRIVING Organizational Results 3 WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE RELEVANT? Relevance is the art of influence. When you're relevant, you're a decision maker, a leader, a key advisor. Your opinion is valued and your actions lead to results. Every employee I have met wants to excel at their job—even those who for many years have been beaten down by the nature of organizations. I have yet to meet the person who says, "I want a job where I can do poorly." Trainers and facilitators are no exception. We aspire to be needed and wanted. We love seeing tens on the "smile" sheets, we love hearing, "that was the best training I have ever attended," and we love to be stopped in the corridor to be thanked for the great tools we provided a month or a year ago.

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