4 Coaching Check-In Questions

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4 Coaching Check-In Questions About a year ago, I began incorporating a simple process into my weekly one-on-one meetings with each member of my leadership team. I call it a Coaching Check-in, and it consists of four simple questions that focus on each manager's role as a coach. What I have discovered is the most enjoyable, high-leveraged, and impactful part of my meetingsā€¦both for me and for them. The questions are quite simple, but I have found them to have a huge influence, not just on their coaching activity, but on the overall progress they are making toward business goals. Here are the four questions (with suggested direction on how they might be answered): 1. How regularly are you coaching? (every day, every week, a few times a month, not at all) 2. How are you coaching to your business priorities? (specifically discuss the top 2-3 business priorities) 3. What progress are you making on your business priorities? (no progress, some, a lot, reached it) 4. What insights/learning do you have about your coaching? I have found that, if asked consistently and with sincere curiosity, these questions will open up meaningful dialogue with a manager on what is really going on with them, their people, and their progress on achieving business results. When I say "sincere curiosity" this means that each question is not left at a simple yes or no answer. If I hear a one-word response, I follow up with something like, "Great, can you tell me more about that?" or "Is that working well for you?" or even "What are your thoughts on that?" to prompt them to go deeper with their report out. Of course, each discussion takes its own unique path. With one new manager, we end up discussing what coaching is and how to do it better. With another manager who's recently shifted their role, we explored whom they might coach and how they can push the envelope on their perceived sphere of influence. With another manager, the discussion focused on clearly defining their business priorities and chunking down their goals into more manageable pieces. For everyone, the conversations always circle back to the progress being made on business results, and the powerful insights and unique learning about their people and themselves in the pursuit of those results. I have found these Coaching Check-ins to be to an engaging way to take the pulse on a manager's efforts and progress each week. It's also become a great opportunity to apply and practice my own coaching skills. For any leader that is looking to align and drive business results on a weekly basis and to be a better coach themselves, these four questions are a great place to start. CHECK-IN Questions COAC H I N G 4 by Kim Capps | InsideOut Development CEO

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