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CERTIFICATION (DAY TWO & THREE) WORKSHOP (DAY ONE) Workshop + Certification At-A-Glance The one-day InsideOut Coaching Workshop is the first step to getting more leaders coaching, more often, for more impact. Whether you've opted to attend live or online, you'll have the opportunity to explore the foundations of the InsideOut approach so you can help your team align performance goals to coaching and apply it more effectively on the job. Participants will learn about coaching through a series of engaging learning modules that focus on six key outcomes. The Classroom Experience Features: Group discussions, videos, activities, practical tools, and coaching practice DAY ONE: Flow and Logic Walk Through You will focus on: 1. Content and flow of the workshop using the Facilitator Guide and Participant Kit 2. Coaching for Breakthrough skills practice You will walk through a "deconstruction" process by answering questions like: • What are the key messages of the lesson, videos, and activities? • What questions might your participants have about this lesson? • If you had to modify the lesson, what might you change? Please Note: Keep your day two evening free. You will need approximately two to three hours prep time for teach back lessons on day three. • Come with two real coaching situations: 1) you are stuck and open to coaching 2) a difficult conversation The two-day InsideOut Coaching Certification is where you will begin to put the power of coaching to work for your organization. You will not only be empowered to teach the award-winning InsideOut Coaching, but you'll walk away with the skills you need begin building a culture of coaching and high performance. Participants will learn to: • Understand their role as a facilitator • Become grounded in the key principles of InsideOut Coaching • Build their confidence to facilitate the programs, lessons, and exercises DAY TWO: Teach Backs You will focus on: 1. Teaching back key lessons of the workshop 2. Sharing your Conversations Planner, practicing Coaching for Alignment, and getting feedback from a partner You will deliver a 20-30 minute lesson in the workshop. You will be expected to: • Deliver the lesson as you would in front of a group of participants in your organization • Participate in a group debrief at the conclusion of your lesson You will receive the following materials on the first day of certification: • Participant Materials • Facilitator Guide • NY Times Bestseller, You Already Know How To Be Great • Flash drive with: PPT slides, video files, and InsideOut forms/materials Coaching Drives Results Aligning the practice of coaching to results Nature of Performance Leveraging focus to power performance Coaching for Breakthrough Accelerating decision making Coaching Check-Ins & Feedback Delivering InsideOut feedback with Quick-Check Questions Coaching for Alignment Applying a simple coaching process to Coaching for Alignment situations Getting Started Developing a coaching routine and creating a coaching partnership 1 2 3 4 5 6 If you have additional questions, please call 1.888.262.2448 or email us. V_2

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