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1 CPR for Coaching Up | In this scene from The Wizard of Oz, The Wicked Witch described the process of taking the ruby slippers, but she easily could have been speaking about the process of coaching up. It's our responsibility as leaders to also have coaching conversations with those more senior to us in the organization. But how to do it? Years ago, I developed a model that is particularly well suited for coaching up. It's called CPR and stands for Consideration, Position, and Request. It works well if you're introducing a new idea, point of view, or goal to someone above you in the hierarchy or if you're in a team environment and the leader has gotten the group off track. Here is how it works: 1. Consideration: Show/Demonstrate Consideration Demonstrating a genuine consideration for the other person is important in any coaching up conversation. Your words must be phrased positively and the rationale for engaging in the discussion has to be altruistic. Your intent should be bringing up the issue not only for the good of the person, but also for the good of the company. If you cannot do this, you're not ready for the conversation. 2. Position: State your Position Your position can be a different perspective on reality or an entirely new idea. What you elect to share and how you phrase it need to be practiced. You also need to be sure you are coming from the right place—and stating your position not to prove a point but to offer an alternative perspective. by Nancy Q. Smith | VP, InsideOut Development CPR for Coaching Up "I should have remembered—those slippers will never come off, as long as you're alive. But that's not what's worrying me. It's how to do it. These things must be done delicately." —The Wicked Witch of the West

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