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The Breakthroughs certification will enable you to implement a "total solution" workplace performance initiative— achieve a targeted result; increase individual and team focus, accountability, decision-making; and create and sustain high performance. In the facilitator certification, participants will: • Understand their role as a facilitator • Become grounded in the key principles of Breakthroughs • Build their confidence to facilitate the programs, lessons, and exercises CERTIFICATION OPTIONS & PROCESS CERTIFICATION FEATURES You will focus on: • Content and flow of the workshop using the Facilitator Guide and Participant Kit • Skills practice • Teach-backs with a partner or group You will walk through a "deconstruction" process by answering questions like: • What are the key messages of the lesson, videos, and activities? • What questions might your participants have about this lesson? You will deliver a 20-30 minute lesson in the workshop. You will be expected to: • Deliver the lesson as you would in front of a group, with a partner in a breakout room (or in front of the entire group in a live session). • Participate in a group debrief at the conclusion of your lesson. You will receive the following materials prior to the day of certification: • Web-link to e-learning component* • Participant Materials • Facilitator Guide • Flash drive with: PPT slides, video files, and InsideOut Development forms/materials WORKSHOP—HALF-DAY PROGRAM CERTIFICATION AT-A-GLANCE (2 OPTIONS) Breakthroughs: High Performance from the InsideOut is a half-day program to help individuals achieve make progress toward goals. Participants leave the workshop with greater personal accountability, an openness to receive coaching and feedback from others, and a simple, replicable process to make better decisions and follow through on their commitments. LEARNING OUTCOMES Participants achieve breakthroughs through a series of engaging learning activities and videos that focus on: • Applying the GROW® Model to focus, solve problems, make decisions, and commit to actions. • Asking others for their perspectives and insights to overcome blind spots and improve performance and results. • Using three simple Check-In Questions as an individual and team member to solve problems independently. • Demonstrating greater ownership and engagement in their work. • Increasing self-awareness of their own capacity for higher performance. • Performing at higher levels in their current role. WORKSHOP EXPERIENCE FEATURES • Group discussions • Videos • Activities • Individual/group application • Practical tools OPTION 1—ONLINE CERTIFICATION • Facilitator certification is entirely online • 90-minute self-paced e-learning prework (video/questions) • Live Online certification (2 hrs) OPTION 2—LIVE CERTIFICATION • Half day delivery of live Breakthroughs event OR • 90-minute self-paced e-learning prework • Half day live facilitator certification BREAKTHROUGHS Workshop + Certification At-A-Glance If you have additional questions, please call 1.888.262.2448 or email us. *Not needed should you elect for a live certification session

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