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Business Need WHERE TO FIND: Earning calls, manager meetings, learning needs assessments, etc. WHAT TO DO: 1. Name the high-level business need (i.e. innovation, selling value, retention, etc.) 2. Check for alignment: • Is it truly important to the business? • Is there a learning gap? If not, choose a different need Content Source WHAT TO DO: 1. Select an online content provider that is quality assured and credibly aligned to the business need (i.e. HMM, Udemy, InsideOut Development) 2. Where possible, leverage your current content provider assets 3. Chunk the content into smaller components (i.e. learning objectives) to be delivered over a longer period of time Practice Strategies WHAT TO DO: 1. Select tools/activities that will enable practice with each learning objective (i.e. complete a cost/ benefit analysis, customer interview, coaching session with your employee). 2. Align tools/activities to each new behavior/ concept to be learned 3. Plan the timeline (how much time is needed for each activity?) Reflection & Feedback WHAT TO DO: 1. Design a way to garner peer feedback on successes/lessons learned with practice activities (i.e. social learning) Face-to-face preferred, but can also be virtual (i.e. peer discussion prompts in small groups) 2. Design a way to enable frequent manager feedback and employee reflection (weekly conversation worksheet) Business Application WHAT TO DO: 1. Assign a deliverable that allows the employee to solve a real business challenge • ...with a real business metric • ...that benefits the business (Develop a business case, present and propose new solution to business leaders about uncovering customer needs, conduct GROW Model coaching) Design Map WHAT TO DO: 1. Create instructions to guide the user 2. Align all learning objects to be developing the same behavior/concept Deliver simplicity—make it user friendly and incredibly easy to follow with a step-by-step approach (Syllabus or task list—consider timeline and develop a regular cadence) BLENDED DESIGN

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