A Framework for Building a Coaching Culture

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5 Building a Coaching Culture that Drives Results and Grows People | DEVELOP POSITIVE ACCOUNTABILITY FOR RESULTS Accountability often has a manager-driven connotation, but when adopted more fully, an accountability system encourages employees to take ownership of their own performance and encourages managers to take ownership of coaching to develop their team's performance. Invite and encourage ownership of the coaching process by establishing a cadence for consistent communication and by tracking and measuring success. CADENCE FOR CONSISTENT COMMUNICATION In a robust coaching culture, coaching conversations are frequent and consistent. They provide routine opportunities for check-ins and progression. As you develop your coaching culture, establish a cadence for communication that allows managers and performers to communicate regularly on the projects and challenges that matter. Customize this cadence to fit the pace of your organization. TRACKING AND TRANSPARENCY The final piece in building a coaching culture is establishing transparency regarding coaching efforts. Who is coaching successfully? What impact is it having? Where might managers be missing the mark? The level of sophistication will depend on your organization and needs, but any organization with a coaching culture needs a system to ensure quality coaching conversations are happening—both to establish consistency and develop a motivational program. There are many factors to consider as you establish and build your coaching culture. The good news is that you don't have to do it alone. At InsideOut Development we've designed programs that comprise a coaching system that grows your people and accelerates organizational results and personal successes. Find more resources to build a coaching culture at Or call 888.262.2448 to speak with a coaching expert to discover a customized approach to building a coaching culture that really works.

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