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InsideOut Coaching LAB: Building the Coaching Muscle

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Building the Coaching Muscle Theory + Application = Performance and Results High-impact, workplace coaching goes beyond conducting coaching conversations—coaches must be able to coach IN conversations. InsideOut Coaching LAB propels InsideOut Coaching graduates from knowing how to hold coaching conversations to actively coaching. It turns managers into coaching advocates. InsideOut Coaching LAB enables InsideOut Coaching graduates to practice the theories they learned in the workshop in a comfortable setting. Participants increase their agility, tap into what they know about coaching, and build coaching muscle through experimentation and feedback. Participants will leave InsideOut Coaching LAB with: 1. An action plan in place for real-world implementation and application 2. Personal coaching commitments 3. Confidence in their ability to coach more consistently and frequently Most people fail to improve performance not because they don't know what to do but because they aren't doing what they already know how to do. The entire InsideOut Coaching LAB experience honors this InsideOut Mindset™—participants know more than they think they do. Though managers leave InsideOut Coaching workshops armed with a mindset, tools, and enthusiasm to coach, interference sometimes gets in the way of great coaching. InsideOut Coaching LAB addresses the key difference between knowing and doing. It enables the "doing" side of coaching— moving managers from understanding concepts to effectively applying them. InsideOut Coaching LAB helps managers build awareness and confidence in their ability to coach and tap into how much they already know. Interactive experiments One-day experience For InsideOut Coaching graduates FAST FACTS:

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