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We help organizations create and live a coaching culture that drives results and grows people. Our unique approach to workplace coaching helps leaders, teams, and individuals make decisions, commit to action, and produce results. What sets apart InsideOut Development's coaching approach? InsideOut Development's ability to equip clients to drive performance and grow people is based on our best-in-class approach to workplace coaching. Here is what sets apart the InsideOut coaching approach: Our InsideOut Mindset. We know people have the capacity to learn and perform at a higher level. Any attempt to improve performance begins with that understanding. The key to better performance usually lies not in knowing more about what to do, but in doing more of what we already know how to do. It's a leader's job to provide the conditions for high performance in others. Our understanding of human performance. In our experience, sustainable high performance is influenced not only by what you know, but also what you believe about yourself, your drive, and what you pay attention to. We call them: Knowledge, Faith, Fire, and Focus. Interference is anything that gets in the way of one of these elements. To establish an environment that nurtures the highest performance and the best results a coach needs to reduce interference. Many trainings focus on improving performance by providing more information. Knowledge is an important aspect of performance, but it is only one factor. Focus is at the heart of performance. Our methodology to unleash that performance. Holding conversations with a structured framework enables managers and employees to work together to identify performance gaps and increase focus. That framework is the GROW® Model. The basic GROW Model is an acronym for the four components of any decision-making process. The GROW Model can also be used as a framework for individuals and teams to use to consider actions to take. Good decisions lead to effective actions which produce results. We call this decision velocity—the speed and accuracy of decisions that drive individual and organization performance. Our framework to introduce, support, and sustain the methodology. Lasting improvement requires deep culture change. A single intervention often isn't enough to change long-term behavior. Learners need to connect with why it's relevant, understand how to apply it, and take ownership of the results. We call the framework for sustaining change RLAA—or "relay"— which stands for Relevance, Learning, Application, and Accountability. Each InsideOut Development program builds a step in a coaching culture. All together they produce lasting results. 1 3 2 4 A C CO U N T A B I L I TY LE A R N I N G R E L E V A N C E A P P L I C A T I O N © K NO W LE D G E K NO W LE D G E K NO W LE D G E K NO W LE D G E Fire Faith Focus The Performance Wheel K NO W LE D G E K NO W LE D G E K NO W LE D G E K NO W LE D G E Faith Fire Focus Way Forward O p t i o n s Re a l i t y G o a l GROW Model © Difference The

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