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Addressing bias lies at the root of any Diversity and Inclusion efforts. We all have biases, whether we acknowledge them or not. Diversity stems not just from our race, gender or ethnicity but from our unique backgrounds and experiences, so bias can appear in response to any perceived difference. These biases hinder communication and understanding and suppress the unique perspectives founded in unique experiences. An effective coaching approach mitigates bias and fosters open communication. At its core, coaching is dialogue that helps people move past their assumptions, preferences, and biases that enables individuals to explore and understand their own reality and the realities of others. InsideOut Coaching begins with the InsideOut Mindset—the belief that everyone has the capacity to learn and perform at a higher level. The InsideOut Mindset focuses on the elements of performance inside of each individual and how to draw out those internal strengths to foster outward-facing performance. With InsideOut Coaching, leaders learn a framework for thinking about human performance that isn't tied to the performer's gender, race, or background. The best way to minimize the impact of bias organization-wide is to standardize how managers and individuals work through and talk about problems to have more authentic conversations. InsideOut Coaching provides that framework: the GROW® Model. Manager consistency is reflection of a lack of bias. As human beings we are always looking for the things that make us unique or different. This can lead us to see any difference as a potential for bias. A consistent conversation framework, like the GROW Model, helps managers hold conversations that are consistently effective for everyone on their team and to consistently access the broad perspectives of each team member. Consistent coaching also allows the manager to demonstrate that each team member is valued. With the Performance Wheel and GROW Model, you can coach someone on the other side of the table or the other side of the world with great effect. It's a simple, easy, elegant process that works in every situation—including, and especially, when having a conversation with someone different than you. LEVERAGING to Support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Efforts K NO W LE D G E K NO W LE D G E K NO W LE D G E K NO W LE D G E Faith Fire Focus Way Forward O p t i o n s Re a l i t y G o a l GROW Model © © K NO W LE D G E K NO W LE D G E K NO W LE D G E K NO W LE D G E Fire Faith Focus The Performance Wheel InsideOut COACHING TM

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