How Coaching Helps Overcomes the Hurdles to DEI

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1 With many offices still closed due to the pandemic, executives and employees might feel out of touch with their co-workers. While current events have become a cause for personal reflection about bias, privilege, and equality, not everyone has been able to apply this thinking at work. However, there is a way to start improving your company's diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practices immediately— and it's possible to do so whether your employees are fully remote, partially remote, or back at the office. That practice is coaching. To understand how coaching can help, let's go over the most common problem we see with DEI at work: Companies prioritize short-term diversity efforts over long-term results. Typically, companies invest in DEI efforts only after they've had a problem in one of those areas. They'll roll out a new program or training aimed at solving the problem then six to 12 months later forget all about it. This approach sacrifices meaningful improvement for short-term success. If you have experienced or witnessed this problem happening at your company, you're not alone. According to experts, most diversity programs aren't increasing diversity. The good news is that coaching can help. We know because as experts in DEI and coaching, we've put it to the test and seen the results for ourselves. How Coaching Can Help First, coaching conversations are designed to help people progress toward their goals, big and small. DEI issues are important, and without experience or support, tackling them can seem impossible without a method. Larger challenges like these can seem daunting without a proven process to help guide conversations and stay focused on the goals without getting derailed by distractions. How Coaching Helps Overcome the Most Common Hurdle to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion by Alan Fine, Nicole Price October 22, 2020

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