What is the InsideOut Mindset?

InsideOut Mindset: The belief that everyone has the capacity to learn and perform at a higher level.

Once leaders have adopted an InsideOut mindset they’re equipped to apply the right coaching approach in any conversation.

There are two types of coaching approaches. Knowing when to use each of them will strengthen the conversations and relationships between managers and their teams.

The Outside-In Approach is the well-intentioned default; it is also known as the ‘tell’ or ‘advice-giving’ approach. Its formula is Performance (P) = Capacity (C) + Knowledge (K). It asks, ‘What can I put in?’ and is used to give urgent direction or explain complex policies that must be followed for purposes of safety, liability, or consistency.

The InsideOut Approach is the key to maximizing performance; it is also known as the ‘ask’ approach. Its formula is Performance (P) = Capacity (C) – Interference (I). It asks, ‘What can I bring out?’ and is used to remove interference so the individual can learn faster and act on existing knowledge, solve complex problems, and build ownership.

The InsideOut and Outside-In approaches both have a place in business conversations, but many managers default to the Outside-In approach for every problem and conversation.

Learning when to use each approach will help managers be more versatile and set themselves and their teams up for success.

The Outside-In approach should be used for specific, task-based instructions, budgets, and relaying processes. The resulting conversations will feature the leaders talking while the employees listen and learn.

The InsideOut approach should be used for removing interference so people can act on existing knowledge, solving complex problems, and building ownership. The resulting conversations will help employees to feel heard, valued, and respected.

The InsideOut Mindset is essential to maximize performance and drive long-term success. An InsideOut Approach is the best way to help individual take ownership of action plans and key results.

According to InsideOut Development founder, Alan Fine, “The key to higher performance isn’t knowing more about what to do, but doing more of what we already know.”

Once you’ve established an InsideOut Mindset, use it to drive performance!

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