Omni Cable Corporation and InsideOut Development: A Case Study

Omni Cable Corporation uses InsideOut Development’s GROW Model to make important decisions.

In this case study Cora Walker, Vice President of Human Resources for Omni Cable Corp talks about how they’ve implemented InsideOut Development’s GROW Model into everything they do. It improves manager-employee conversations, increases goal achievement and ownership of outcomes, and makes a bottom-line impact to their most important performance metrics. See what InsideOut Development can do for you.

“InsideOut Development’s coaching model and tools drive key performance metrics for my team.”

“I have used InsideOut Coaching in two organizations and I believe in it. The training is practical and the tools are realistic. We have successfully implemented the mindset in our current organization and use GROW multiple times a day to make big and small decisions.

“InsideOut Development’s coaching approach and tools are easy to apply.”

“The GROW decision-making model has had the single biggest operational impact for us. We use it for everything.”

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