Breakthroughs | Interaction and Connection

“I really enjoyed the first video where we saw humanity—the gentlemen trying to get to the service department, and what was happening with the gentleman in the lobby with the small baby and the carrier. We all go through things like that in our lives. And to see it in someone else’s world, it makes you look at yourself and think, ‘Why am I making this so hard?’ It gave me a good foundation for this workshop, to think: How can I make things better? How can I move forward? How can I progress? Seeing that video was a self-reflection of how I could fit into that video, then the rest of the day made it pretty clear as to how I could work out of those situations.”

“My favorite part of the workshop was definitely the group discussions where we gained perspectives from other people and learned from outside our own, so that we could apply those insights into what we’re working on.”

“It was really nice getting to interact with other people and hear what their perspectives were and hear that other people are having issues with some of the same things that I am. Knowing I’m not the only one who has a hard time following through with a goal that I set.”

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Breakthroughs | Results in Real Life
Breakthroughs | Results in Real Life

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Breakthroughs | Experiencing the Day
Breakthroughs | Experiencing the Day

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