Introduction to Breakthroughs

We’re excited to announce the launch of Breakthroughs: High Performance from the InsideOut. Our newest program that enables every individual to reach new levels of performance. And, in order to make that possible, we placed the engagement of the learner first.

Today’s workforce responds more skeptically to traditional training, which led us to the challenge: How do we create an engaging program that connects with each individual and guides them to direct their own journey toward personal breakthroughs.

Our strategy with breakthroughs was to honor individuals and recognize them as the heroes of their own journeys. That led us to design a learner-centered experience. The ask, rather than tell approach, in breakthroughs, allows learners to draw from their own experience to solve problems.

The light-hearted, humorous videos illustrate common obstacles we all face, invite rich discussion, and encourage personal connections. What is the result? A stream-lined program where participants are engaged in an environment that encourages open and honest discussion. And as they get talking, the learning occurs via interaction and real-world scenarios. The participants leave the workshop inspired and equipped to create more breakthroughs.

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